Modern Construction: An MDFF Retrospective
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Canada's Top Ten 2019

“One of the best films of 2019 … Deragh Campbell is responsible for some of the most painfully honest moments we saw on-screen this year.”

Adrian Mack, Georgia Straight, on Anne at 13,000 ft

Anne at 13,000 ft
Canada/USA 2019
Kazik Radwanski
75 min. DCP

Anchored by a roundly praised, powder-keg performance from MDFF player Deragh Campbell, Toronto writer-director Kazik Radwanski’s triumphant new film was one of the strongest offerings of 2019, Canadian or otherwise. This penetrating, close-range character study concerns 27-year-old live-wire Anne (Campbell, VFCC Best Actress), a not-great Toronto daycare worker more engrossed in make-believing with the kids than supervising them. Trying, and failing, to get her adult-life shit together, Anne fumbles through an awkward romance with a sweet, funny guy (Operation Avalanche director Matt Johnson) and assuages her anxieties by plummeting from airplanes. Redolent of Cassavetes’s A Woman Under the Influence in its flitting, handheld vernacular and tender but unsparing depiction of a tempestuous soul, Radwanski’s riveting film, his best yet, is a highpoint in Anglo-Canada’s noise‑making new wave.

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Princess Margaret Blvd.
Canada 2008
Kazik Radwanski
14 min. 35mm

Kazik Radwanski’s breakout short, an intimate, aesthetically accomplished portrait of a woman gripped by Alzheimer’s, collected a bevy of trophies on its festival tour and announced MDFF as a company to watch.


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