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Kiss Me!

(Embrasse moi!)
France 2017. Dirs: Océanerosemarie, Cyprien Vial. 86 min. DCP

“A sparkling and touching feature, performed by a hilarious band of comedians.”

In this charming romantic comedy about the bumps along the way to true love, French comedian and singer Océanerosemarie plays a fun-loving osteopath named Océanerosemarie. Fresh from yet another breakup, Océanerosemarie is jogging in the woods when she spies beautiful Cécile doing gymnastics. Before long, she’s convinced she’s met the woman of her life. But Cécile is the shy, quiet type, while Océanerosemarie is a party animal surrounded by ex-girlfriends, including Fantine, a super-successful architect not ready to let go. While Kiss Me! winningly navigates the conventions of the romantic comedy, it is remarkable for introducing a lesbian love story to the genre without depicting same-sex relations as a problem or a novelty. Its characters face the trials, tribulations, and joys of any people in love, subtly but firmly driving home the point that love is love.