Visible Verse 2015 Festival

Curated & Hosted by Ray Hsu

Presented by The Cinematheque since 2000, Visible Verse is one of the longest-running video poetry festivals in the world. Video poetry is a hybrid creative form bringing together verse and moving images. Visible Verse selects its annual program from hundreds of submissions received from local, national, and international artists.

On the occasion of the 2015 festival, The Cinematheque says a fond farewell and expresses its great gratitude to Heather Haley, founder of Visible Verse and its curator and host from 2000 to 2014. We welcome Vancouver poet Ray Hsu into his new role as Visible Verse’s artistic director.

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Ray Hsu is a poet and Artistic Director of Visible Verse. He is author of Anthropy (winner of the Gerald Lampert Award, finalist for the Trillium Book Award in Poetry) and Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon (winner of the Alcuin Award). His work has been published in Chicago, London, New York, Singapore, Toronto, and Vancouver. He taught writing for over two years in a U.S. prison, has given a TED talk on creativity and education, and is co-founder of Art Song Lab. Find him on Twitter at @thewayofray.



The Esso Man | Diana Taylor and Rosemary Dunn, UK. 2012.
N | Krefer, Brazil, 2015.
Fortune Sequence for Two Voices | Anne Lesley Selcer, USA. 2013.
June 17th | Amaranth Borsuk, Andy Fitch, Chris James Thompson and Pang Her, USA. 2014.
Nazeer Alam - the World-Witnessing Bard | Ammar Aziz and Harris Khalique, Pakistan. 2014.
You Know I Can Tell | Matea Kulic, Croatia/Canada. 2014.
Headache Summer | Geoffrey Nilson, Canada. 2015.
The Aegean or the Anus of Death | Eleni Gioti and Jazra Khaleed, Greece. 2014.
A Poem for Life | Randy Kelly and Jamaal Jackson Rogers, India and Canada. 2015.
the light - the shade | Susanne Wiegner and Robert Lax, Germany. 2014.
Proletarian | Susan Cormier and Chris Gilpin, Canada. 2014.
A Postcard From My Future Self | Marc Neys (aka Swoon) and Lucy English, Belgium. 2015.
Song for AWE & DREAD | Tommy Becker, USA. 2015.
ow(n)ed | Tom Konyves, Canada. 2014.


I Am a Girl | Anne-Colette Godard and Daphné Cheyenne, Canada. 2015.
Landmarks | Karoline Georges, Canada. 2011-2015.
The Art of Going | Corbin Louis, USA, 2015.
Deliberate Defeat | Cinta Adhesiva, Spain. 2015.
The Final Neural Firings of the Eternal Starlet| Matt Mullins, USA. 2014.
Hastings-Sunrise | Bren Simmers and Adam Hill, Canada. 2015.
The Glow | Helen Dewbery and Hilda Sheehan, UK. 2015.
OFFERTORY / OFERTORIO| Eduardo Yagüe and Amado Nervo, Spain and Sweden. 2015.
SEED | Brian Virostek and Mark Grenon, Canada. 2015.
Vancouver Dispersed | Kevin Spenst, Matea Kulic, Shazia Hafiz Ramji, Bren Simmers, Jennifer Zilm, Raoul Fernandes, Mariner Janes, Andrew McEwan, Ben Rawluk, and elena johnson, Canada. 2015.
Poem With Flying Termites And Cheesie Ending (take seventeen) | bagadefente, Brazil. 2014.
Inextinguishable Fires | Nine Yamamoto-Masson, France, Japan and Germany. 2015.