USA 1965. Dir: Juleen Compton. 90 min. 35mm

NEW, RESTORED 35mm PRINT! Almost-forgotten American indie Juleen Compton wrote, directed, starred in, self-financed, and self-distributed her free-wheeling, semi-autobiographical first feature. Compton is Raina, a sexually-free young American travelling in Greece with her American lover (Gary Collins) and her French best friend, a gay man (Gian Pietro Calasso). The non-judgmental treatment of female sexuality was unusual for the time. The film debuted at Cannes but has been little-seen since. “Compton's drive to make her first movie without any formal filmmaking training was similar to Raina's pursuit of living life on her own terms... .The film shares the cinematic experimentation and stylish, youth-centric rebellion of the French New Wave, made even more radical by its progressive portrayals of female independence and sexuality, beatnik culture, and discussions of homosexuality” (Maya Montañez Smukler, UCLA). Preservation funded by Century Arts Foundation.


Juleen Compton: (Re)Discovering a Female Pioneer of 1960s Independent
The Plastic Dome of Norma Jean and Stranded are two newly-restored works by unjustly-forgotten, ahead-of-her-time Juleen Compton, a distinctive independent filmmaker who was one of the very few women making feature films in the 1960s.