We normally present two movies per evening, with the option of buying tickets for one or both of these screenings.

Please note that these are standard admission prices. Pricing may change according to the program or event and you will be alerted to this in the individual event descriptions on this website, and in our Program Guide. From time to time we may also make series passes available, which again will be promoted online and in print.

Tickets and passes are non-refundable.

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| Enjoy Cinematheque programming all year round with our 2017 annual pass. Available for purchase online here or at Box Office on screening nights. Terms and conditions apply. See back of pass for details or call our office for more information.

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An annual $3 Cinematheque membership is required for any person attending our screenings. Memberships are only sold at the Box Office.

TICKET TIP! | If you come to the first film of the evening and then decide you want to stay for the second, simply upgrade to a double-bill for the difference in the price.

PLEASE NOTE | Films screened as part of a private rental of our venue are not Cinematheque events and will have their own admission and pricing policies. Screening information for rentals is not provided on this website or in our Program Guide, and you are encouraged to contact the event organizer directly for all ticket information.

We reserve the right to refuse admission, and to suspend any Comp, Media, Volunteer or Guest pass.