The Good Soldier Švejk, Parts I-III

(Osudy dobrého vojáka Švejka I.-III.)
Czechoslovakia 1954. Dir: Jiří Trnka. 74 min. DCP

Adapted from the scathingly funny, hugely influential anti-war classic by anarchist writer Jaroslav Hašek, this three-part satirical farce charts the exploits of the eponymous World War I infantryman, whose antic misadventures continually frustrate his commanding officers — and reveal the absurdity of the entire conflict. Basing his designs on the novel’s original, celebrated illustrations by Josef Lada, Trnka mixes his trademark puppetry with striking cut-out animation sequences to accompany the droll, rambling tales that Švejk spins. The result is a subversive anti-authoritarian statement that captures the novel’s biting wit and irreverent spirit. In Czech with English subtitles.

— preceded by —

Cybernetic Grandma
(Kybernetická babička)

Czechoslovakia 1962. Dir: Jiří Trnka. 28 min. DCP

Trnka took a turn into Space Age sci-fi surrealism with this dark, dystopian satire on automation in which a child traverses a forbidding technological wasteland to meet (surprise!) her uncanny new robotic grandmother.