Turnaround: A Story of Recovery + Kosovo: Fragile Peace

An Evening with Mo Simpson
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Moira “Mo” Simpson has made a significant contribution to social activism, film culture, and documentary practice in Vancouver as a director, film editor, and — a role still all-too-rare for women — cinematographer. The subjects of her projects have included missing and murdered aboriginal women, aid in Africa, and, in the two films presented here, women recovering from addiction in Vancouver and strife in the Balkans. She has throughout her career demonstrated a commitment to using film as an instrument for social change.

Turnaround: A Story of Recovery
Canada 1984. Dir: Mo Simpson. 47 min. DCP

In this NFB documentary, five women physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol and/or drugs seek help at the Aurora Treatment Centre, a women-only facility in Vancouver.


Kosovo: Fragile Peace
Canada 2002. Dir: Mo Simpson. 53 min. DCP

“This documentary offers a rare glimpse into the frontlines of democracy-building through the eyes of a Canadian mother and her daughter. In the heart of Kosovo, an international mission struggles to bring democracy to a land torn apart by bloodshed. There, Canadian lawyer Carolyn McCool works to build bridges between Kosovo Albanians, and Serbs, while her 20-year-old daughter Kate travels with a musical roadshow to generate grassroots support for the election among the youth” (National Film Board of Canada).

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Guest in attendance: Mo Simpson

Evening's moderator: Zoë Druick