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The Snow Walker

Canada 2003. Dir: Charles Martin Smith. 103 min. 35mm

Charles Martin Smith, the veteran American actor (American Graffiti, The Untouchables) and director (Air Bud, Dolphin Tale) who now divides his time between Vancouver and Los Angeles, fell in love with the stories of Canadian author Farley Mowat while starring in 1983’s Never Cry Wolf, a Mowat adaptation. Smith returned to Mowat and to the Canadian North to direct 2002’s The Snow Walker, the 1950s-set tale of a cocky bush pilot (Barry Pepper) and his passenger, a seriously ill Inuit woman (Annabella Piugattuk), who are forced to rely on their wits to survive after crash-landing in the Northwest Territories. Smith’s stirring adventure film takes full advantage of the austere beauty of its northern setting. It won six of B.C.’s Leos, was nominated for nine of Canada’s Genies, and features an impressive turn from the perpetually-underrated Pepper. Print courtesy Library and Archives Canada.


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Trawna Tuh Belvul
Canada 1994. Dir: Martin Rose. 14 min. DCP

Vancouver animator Rose’s interpretation of an Earl Birney poem uses beautiful cut-out animation - and vocal performance by Birney himself — to relate a memorable journey from Toronto to Belleville, Ontario.

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Guest in attendance: Martin Rose