Rupert’s Land + Abe’s Manhood

V. B.C. Road Movies
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Rupert’s Land
Canada 1998. Dir: Jonathan Tammuz. 93 min. 35mm

Eccentric characters abound in director Jonathan Tammuz’s boisterous B.C. road movie, in which two estranged half-brothers set out on a three-day drive to northern B.C. for their father’s funeral. Samuel West, as stuffy British lawyer Rupert, and Ian Tracey, as hard-luck B.C. fisherman Dale, are the mismatched siblings. The fine cast also includes Susan Hogan and Gabrielle Miller — and George Wendt, of Cheers fame, as the deceased’s best friend. Shot by Greg Middleton and scripted by Graeme Manson (Orphan Black’s co-creator and frequent writer), Rupert’s Land won six B.C. Leo Awards, including Best Feature, Director, Cinematography, and Actor (Tracey), and was nominated for five Canadian Genies. “A rollicking tragicomedy with boundless energy” (Helen du Toit, TIFF).


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Abe’s Manhood
Canada 2000. Dir: Aubrey Nealon. 15 min. 35mm

A young man designs his own rite of passage — a “manhood ceremony” involving fasting and circumcision — in this early short by Aubrey Nealon, director of the B.C. feature A Simple Curve and a writer for Orphan Black and the new Snowpiercer series.

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Guest in attendance: Jonathan Tammuz