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Canada 2008. Dir: Tom Scholte. 99 min. HDCAM

VI. Hockey Double Bill
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Noted Vancouver actor Tom Scholte’s impressive directing debut, made on a micro-budget and shot in single takes with a hand-held camera, was a Dogme 95 certified production. The Vancouver-set drama, occasionally darkly humorous, has deeply flawed characters dealing with substance abuse, sexual trauma, and the unsavory side of hockey. Rick (Evan Frayne), a university hockey player and dorm advisor, befriends Crystal (Andrea Whitburn), a fragile art student coping with a family tragedy. Tula (Frida Betrani), who works in a deli, struggles with sobriety while supporting her pothead boyfriend Brent (Scholte). “The two stories eventually intersect, setting off a chain of events that affects everyone in unexpected ways ... Gritty and intense, gripping and powerful, this is a heartbreakingly honest film about failed attempts at connection and healing, but there is also a sense of tenderness and hope at the heart of the film” (VIFF).

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Guest in attendance: Tom Scholte