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Bones of the Forest + Before It Blows

IX. The Experimental Landscape
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Bones of the Forest
Canada 1995. Dirs: Heather Frise, Velcrow Ripper. 80 min. Betacam

Heather Frise and Velcrow Ripper’s Genie-winning documentary expanded the expressive possibilities of activist filmmaking, bringing a stylish avant-garde aesthetic — and, often, an irreverent animator’s sensibility — to the always-controversial subject of B.C. forestry practice. In lively, non-didactic fashion, it explores our stewardship of the Earth, and the conflicting approaches to that stewardship taken by First Nations and non-First Nations populations. The colourful reminiscences of elders, environmentalists, loggers, and forestry executives are mixed with archival and news footage, semi-abstract images of nature, and quirky animated and time-lapsed effects. The result is a rich, poetic weave that mirrors the fecund complexity of the forest itself, catalogues the costs of a century of questionable industry practices, and displays a rare (and perhaps truly radical) sense of humour, along with deep respect for all concerned.

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Before It Blows
Canada 1997. Dir: Patricia Gruben. 9 min.

Fixing its gaze on Yellowstone’s famed Old Faithful geyser, Patricia Gruben’s sly experimental short explores nature, desire, how we look, and how we (can’t) wait.

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Guest in attendances: Patricia Gruben

Due to unforeseen circumstances, directors Heather Frise and Velcrow Ripper will no longer be able to participate via Skype.