Big Meat Eater + Lupo the Butcher

III. Cult Classics
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Big Meat Eater
Canada 1982. Dir: Chris Windsor. 82 min. DCP

Is Big Meat Eater, like, the very best sci-fi zombie horror musical comedy ever made in British Columbia? Uh, probably! Former SFU film students Chris Windsor (directing) and Laurence Keane (producing) co-wrote (with Phil Savath) this anti-suburbia satire and ready-made cult classic, a fond and freaky tribute to the B-movie. George Dawson is Bob Sanderson, a mild-mannered butcher in sleepy Burquitlam whose business becomes a little shop of horrors when he’s forced to contend with a murderous employee, an alien invasion, and a hot market for radioactive “Balonium.” Canadian jazz/blues great Clarence “Big” Miller looms large as Abdullah, the “Big Meat Eater” of the title. An admiring review in London’s Time Out magazine described the film as a “response to the slander that all Canadian movies look like they’re made by social workers.” Totally freakin’ awesome! DCP courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

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Lupo the Butcher
Canada 1987. Dir: Danny Antonucci. 3 min. DCP

A psychotic butcher with a bad temper and a big cleaver is the stuff of deranged comedy in Vancouver animator Antonucci’s solo debut and cult classic, produced by Marv Newland’s International Rocketship Ltd.

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Guest in attendance: Laurence Keane

Introduced by Phil Smith, a Vancouver based writer/performer and a Lecturer at Emily Carr University, where he teaches Humanities, English, and Media History