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Behind the White Glasses

(Dietro gli occhiali bianchi)
Italy 2015. Dir: Valerio Ruiz. 104 min. DCP

VANCOUVER PREMIERE! Polarizing Italian auteur and eyewear icon Lina Wertmüller is the subject of this affectionate, easygoing documentary profile, “must-viewing for film buffs” (Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter) and for those navigating our essential seven-film retrospective! Valerio Ruiz, onetime assistant director to Wertmüller, wisely puts the effervescent filmmaker front and centre to chronicle her own tumultuous, decades-spanning career, which reached staggering heights in the mid-1970s with a string of international hits and a landmark Oscar nod for Best Director, the first for a female filmmaker. Interspersed with Wertmüller’s vivid recollections, off-the-cuff advice, and home-studio walkabouts — as well as some broaching of her films’ problematic sexual politics, an affront to the era’s feminist film critics — are insightful talking-head contributions from Martin Scorsese, critic John Simon (an early devotee of Wertmüller), and former collaborators Giancarlo Giannini, Mariangela Melato, Sophia Loren, Nastassja Kinski, and Harvey Keitel, among others.