New Moscow

(Novaya Moskva)
USSR 1938. Dir: Alexander Medvedkin. 77 min. DCP

Alexander Medvedkin, the visionary Soviet filmmaker portrayed in Chris Marker’s 1993 documentary The Last Bolshevik, directed this utopian marvel, the surreal, comic tale of a young designer from Siberia who invents a “living model” of Moscow’s future. “New Moscow is an eye-popping amalgamation of country comedy, musical romance, and science fiction ... Medvedkin shocks through the sheer audacity of his project. His willingness to mix popular culture with avant-garde techniques looks back to an earlier period of Soviet life and politics even as the film envisions an impossibly bright, technologically advanced future” (Richard Peña, Film Society of Lincoln Center). “As playful as a Marx Brothers movie ... Rife with sight gags, patriotic musical numbers, a giddy love triangle, and visual ingenuity” (Aaron Hillis, Village Voice).