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A Sixth Part of the World

(Shestaya chast mira)
USSR 1926. Dir: Dziga Vertov. 84 min. DCP

“Man with a Movie Camera” Dziga Vertov sent eight camera crews — kino-oki, or cinema-eyes — to the far-flung corners of the USSR to create this kino-eye travelogue capturing the diverse peoples and lands that then made up one-sixth of the planet. Shot in Ukraine, Siberia, Leningrad, Uzbekistan, and other points, and assembled by master editor Vertov, the film was designed as a clarion call for Soviet unity, and a demonstration of Soviet resources and potential, as the tenth anniversary of the Revolution approached. “A Sixth Part of the World is more than a film ... Whether it is a newsreel, a comedy, an artistic hit-film, A Sixth Part is somewhere beyond the boundaries of these definitions; it is already the next stage after the concept of ‘cinema’ itself” (Vertov).

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Kino-Pravda No. 21: Leninskaya
USSR 1925. Dir: Dziga Vertov. 35 min. DCP

From Dziga Vertov’s famous Kino-Pravda (“Cinema Truth”) newsreel series, this commemoration of the first anniversary of Lenin’s death includes animated effects.