Police Story 2

(Ging chaat goo si juk jaap)
Hong Kong 1988. Dir: Jackie Chan. 122 min. DCP

Police Story 2 confirmed Chan’s status as a performer of unparalleled grace and daring.”

NEW RESTORATION! Supercop Chan Ka-Kui returns — as do the pyrotechnics and life-imperiling stunts — in this smash sequel to the box-office hit Police Story. Jackie Chan again directs himself as the affable and unreasonably athletic Hong Kong officer, now demoted to traffic duty as punishment for the mountain of collateral damage caused in the first film. A scrappy run-in with some familiar baddies results in Ka-Kui quitting the force, elating his vacation-ready girlfriend (Maggie Cheung, flexing some serious comedic muscles). But Ka-Kui is soon baited back to the job when an extortion ring starts blowing up buildings. Pre-CGI mayhem, goofball gags, and an expertly choreographed brawl in a playground are all in store, along with a big-top finale in a warehouse rigged with way too many explosives. Chan, no stranger to injury, famously mistimed a jump from atop a moving bus in the movie, overshooting the prop glass and crashing head-first through an actual window! In Cantonese with English subtitles.

Police Story 2 screens in a double bill with Jackie Chan's original action-comedy classic, Police Story.



“The scenes still zip along with verve thanks to the comedic instincts of the casts that Chan has assembled, turning even the most rote of confrontations into exercises in slapstick.”

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