Police Story

(Ging chaat goo si)
Hong Kong 1985. Dir: Jackie Chan. 100 min. DCP

“One of the great 1980s action films ... Chan exists to impress us, and impress he does.”

NEW RESTORATION! Legendary Hong Kong martial-arts megastar Jackie Chan secured his spot in the action-movie pantheon with this jaw-dropping classic, a veritable sizzle reel of acrobatic fight choreography, Keatonesque slapstick, and absurdly dangerous stunts performed by its star/director/death-courter. Chan is officer Chan Ka-Kui, an honest cop tasked with protecting a drug lord’s secretary (Chinese screen icon Brigitte Lin) long enough for her to testify in court. When the case gets thrown out and Ka-Kui is framed for murder, he must single-handedly (fists, mostly) take on the kung-fu-proficient crime syndicate and clear his name. A young Maggie Cheung (In the Mood for Love, Irma Vep) plays Ka-Kui’s bubbly girlfriend, a breakout role she’d reprise over the next two instalments of the wildly popular series. The climactic rumble in a demolition-doomed shopping mall, a melange of shattering glass, bending bodies, and a multi-story pole slide through exploding lights, is utterly astounding. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

Police Story screens in a double bill with Police Story 2, Jackie Chan's smash sequel.



“We marvel at Chan’s speed and fluidity, while every new use of a car door, or refrigerator, or shopping cart takes our breath away.”

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"Demolitions, death-defying leaps, bone-crunching scraps, and ... jaw-dropping stunts."

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