Program Guide Advertising

ATTRACTIVE & INFORMATIVE | With 10,000 copies distributed free throughout the Lower Mainland, our Program Guide has long been the advertising medium of choice for small arts groups to national entertainment retailers alike. With a two-month shelf life and a reputation of being one of the most attractive, popular, and retained publications of its kind in the city, the Program Guide provides advertisers with access to a diverse audience engaged in many arts-related activities.

From 1/8 page to full-page spreads, we can work with any budget, and all of our advertising space is offered in full colour. With sufficient notice, we can also discuss helping you with the design of your ad. View our 2017 Rate Sheet for more details.

On-Screen Advertising

BE SEEN ON THE BIG SCREEN | On-screen ads provide an economical option to make a big impression at only $125 a month. Running at least twice before each of our regular screenings, each ad is presented to our audience more than 200 times in an average month, on our 31.5' x 16.6', 520sq ft screen. And because the ads are projected digitally, your costs are minimized, while our state-of-the-art projector ensures that their impacts is maximized. View our 2017 Rate Sheet for more details.


AUDIENCE PROMOTIONS | We currently have more than 20,000 subscribers to our monthly online newsletter, and have partnered with select local organizations, arts organizations and companies in providing promotional opportunities through our monthly competitions. In return for providing prizes appropriate to our audience, we can run competitions driving subscribers to your website or related content in our Program Guide. As Cinémail is offered as a service to our subscribers, we reserve editorial right over the suitability of proposed prizes and competition content.

For all advertising and promotional enquiries, please contact, 604.688.8202 x 226.

Download the 2019 Ratesheet