Mexico 2018. Dir: Alonso Ruizpalacios. 126 min. DCP

“Fabulously entertaining ... Made of dazzle and wit and melancholy ... A gorgeous, giddy shaggy-dog heist movie.”

“There is a touch of magic in Museo, a sense of wonder and curiosity that imparts palpable excitement ... You might be in the presence of someone who could become the next great Mexican filmmaker.”

VANCOUVER PREMIERE! Is writer-director Alonso Ruizpalacios (Güeros) Mexican cinema’s Next Big Thing? His sophomore feature Museo nabbed Berlin’s Silver Bear for Screenplay and was last year’s best-received Latin American film — at least, until Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma came along! The stylish comedy-drama is based, very loosely, on a notorious theft of Mayan and Mesoamerican artifacts from Mexico City’s National Museum of Anthropology on Christmas Eve, 1985. Gael García Bernal and Leonardo Ortizgris play thirtysomething semi-slackers and old pals Juan and Benjamin, who devise a half-baked scheme to rob the museum, counting on holiday-season distractions to provide cover. Amazingly, the two amateurs pull off a near-perfect heist. But what they hadn’t planned for was how difficult it would be to unload such treasures afterwards, particularly with the entire nation outraged by their crime. Rambunctious and poetic both, Museo mixes caper film, family drama, buddy movie, and social satire into a satisfying and irresistible whole.



“Brisk, wry, inventive ... Museo has the mark of a true original — at least, of a film-maker discovering his own voice through fearlessly trying whatever works.”

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