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Everyone Else

(Alle Anderen)
Germany 2009. Dir: Maren Ade. 124 min. 35mm

“[Does] for the 21st-century couple what Polanski's Knife in the Water or Antonioni's L'Avventura were doing in the ’60s.”

35mm PRINT | The first film by a “Berlin School” affiliate to win big at Berlinale — runner-up for Best Film; top prize for Best Actress — Maren Ade’s extraordinary second feature confirmed what her superb debut feature (The Forest for the Trees) made a compelling case for, and her latest (Toni Erdmann) took a victory lap for: the arrival of a confident, refreshing new voice in European cinema. An incisive, erotic, emotionally on-point portrayal of modern love in your thirties, it features festival breakouts Birgit Minichmayr and Lars Eidinger as Gitti and Chris, an in-love German couple vacationing at Chris’s family villa in Sardinia. Upon meeting a seemingly happier, more career-successful couple, their latent insecurities, romantic posturing, and aptitudes for cruelty shift into focus. Delicately crafted by Ade with wit and uncommon honesty — not to mention face-palming awkwardness, fast becoming her forte — Everyone Else found a spot on the year-end top-ten lists of Film Comment, Village Voice, and Variety.



“So much is right and true in this lovely, delicate work that it comes breathtakingly close to perfect.”

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