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France 1931. Dir: Alexander Korda. 127 min. DCP

NEW RESTORATION | The first instalment in Marcel Pagnol’s heartfelt, gently comic, warmly rendered Marseille Trilogy features the original cast of his hit stage play. Marius (Pierre Fresnay), who works in the dockside café of his irascible but lovable father César (Raimu), and Fanny, a local fishmonger, are childhood sweethearts, seemingly destined to be together forever. But restless Marius cannot resist the call of the sea, leading Fanny to make a life-altering decision so that the love of her life can follow his dreams. Hungarian-born Alexander Korda, soon to begin a lengthy career in Britain, directs from Pagnol’s script. “Vastly enjoyable ... A fantastic cast; authentic, unpretentious dialogue peppered with richly provincial idioms; and fully-realized, unglamorous characters drawn with loving detail” (James Monaco, The Movie Guide).


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Sunday, June 11 - 3:30pm
$22 Adults / $20 Students; Seniors
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