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France 1936. Dir: Marcel Pagnol. 142 min. DCP

NEW RESTORATION | Marcel Pagnol himself directed the third and most moving instalment of his marvelous Marseille Trilogy. César — unlike the first two films, written directly for the screen and only later adapted for the stage — is set twenty years after the events of Fanny. Fanny’s son Césariot (André Fouché) is now a young man; Fanny’s much-older husband Panisse is dying; the local priest is demanding that a long-buried family secret be revealed. Meanwhile, Marius, the true love of Fanny’s life, is working as a mechanic in Toulon. The superb Raimu again appears as César, Marius’s blustery father. “A poignant tale of shame, regret, and misunderstanding that is raised to the highest level by the fine ensemble acting” (Roger Bardon, The Rough Guide to Film). “Today the modest charms and graces of the Pagnol trilogy seem more precious than ever” (Geoff Brown, Time Out).


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