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Le Samouraï

France/Italy 1967. Dir: Jean-Pierre Melville. 100 min. 35mm

Film Noir
+ Jean-Pierre Melville: Master of French Noir
Thursday, August 1
6:00pm - Reception + Music by Niña Mendoza
7:00pm - Detour (Film Noir)
8:40pm - Le Samouraï (Jean-Pierre Melville)

IMPORTED 35mm PRINT! Existential, austere, and eternally cool, Jean-Pierre Melville’s neo-noir masterpiece is, for many, the defining Melville film. Alain Delon is Jef Costello, a laconic, fedora-capped contract killer who abides by the code of the bushido. After a meticulously plotted hit on a club owner leaves behind eyewitnesses, Jef is pegged as the perp by a tenacious cop, but walks thanks to an ironclad alibi. The assassin’s anonymous employer, meanwhile, determines he’s too great a liability to live. Delon, already an arthouse staple (and heartthrob) for roles in classics by Clément, Visconti, and Antonioni, cemented his celebrity with this iconic performance. The affectless anti-heroes of John Woo’s The Killer, Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog, and Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive are acknowledged offspring. “The closest thing to a perfect movie that I have ever seen” (John Woo).


Niña Mendoza is a Vancouver-based DJ who loves music, and plays it well. Recently appearing at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and alongside artists like Maceo Parker, Bilal, and Raphael Saadiq, they simultaneously respect music's history and push new sounds with an insatiable curiosity and stellar DJ skills.

Opening Night will include complimentary wine and cheese generously provided by the Consulate General of France in Vancouver.




"Perfectly executed ... Could be regarded as one of the greatest psychological thrillers, addressing questions of honour, loyalty, and betrayal."

The Guardian | full review

"A terrific film, at once a tense thriller and a fascinating character study, and only as cold as it looks until its unforgettable final scene."

AV Club | full review