Funeral Parade of Roses

Japan 1969. Dir: Toshio Matsumoto. 105 min. DCP

“Extraordinary ... One of the most formally advanced films of the psychedelic decade.”

Funeral Parade of Roses is the child of a rich moment in history where all of the art forms commingled in an incredibly free playing field.”

NEW RESTORATION! | A delirious, taboo-obliterating masterpiece of queer cinema and the Japanese New Wave, the first feature-length film from Japanese avant-gardist Toshio Matsumoto (who died in April) was cited by fan Stanley Kubrick as a direct influence on his dystopian masterwork A Clockwork Orange! Lavishly praised but long unavailable in North America, it has been re-released in a stunning 4K restoration. Matsumoto’s exhilarating film, a loose adaptation of Oedipus Rex unapologetically set in Tokyo’s gay and drag-queen subculture, centres on Eddie (transgender actor Peter, of Kurosawa’s Ran), a cute, trans club hostess who’s bedding the boss (Yoshio Tsuchiya, also a Kurosawa player) while dethroning the club’s reigning queen. Matsumoto brings an arsenal of cinematic techniques to the table, and brazenly uses them all: Brechtian interruptions, cinéma vérité asides, pop-art aesthetics, disjunctive editing. The result is a frenetic, fantastic psychedelia of ’60s film modernism. See it with A Clockwork Orange on July 10 & 13.



"An extraordinary film for its energies, its libidinous intensity, and its fearlessness in mixing registers ... Where and when, you wonder, will cinema ever get quite this wild again?"

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"Toshio Matsumoto's masterwork ... 50 years later, this transgressive Japanese drama is still a party and a procession."

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