The Secret of NIMH

USA 1982. Dir: Don Bluth. 82 min. Blu-ray Disc

The Secret of NIMH is an artistic success. It looks good, moves well, and delights our eyes.”

A beautiful, much-loved but oft-overlooked children’s film from the 1980s, The Secret of NIHM was directed and produced by celebrated animator Don Bluth, who had a much-publicized exit from the Walt Disney Company prior to its making. Disney’s rejection of NIMH’s story — too dark, in their view — was the final straw in a series of events that prompted Bluth and a team of animators to leave Disney and form their own company. The resulting film — a return to traditional animation techniques that Disney was in the process of abandoning — tells the story of Mrs. Brisby, a widowed mouse, and her courageous mission to save her home and her desperately ill son from destruction. Her quest leads her to a group of hyper-intelligent escaped lab rats, lead by the mystical and wise Nicodemus. They agree to help her as part of their own quest for independence.



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