Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog + Nails

Co-Presented with The Image Before Us: A History of Film in British Columbia

“A survivalist's idyll that finds an exhilarating balance between images of nature's fury and its beauty."

Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog
Canada/USA 1995. Dir: Phillip Borsos. 81 min. DVD

Kids of all ages will be thrilled, chilled, and touched by this captivating boy-and-his-dog survival yarn, the final movie of award-winning Vancouver writer-director Phillip Borsos (The Grey Fox, Bethune, One Magic Christmas). The exciting tale concerns 14-year-old Angus (Jesse Bradford) and his new Golden Labrador, named Yellow, who find themselves lost in the B.C. wilderness after a boating accident. Stranded far from civilization, the two must rely on Angus’s wilderness survival skills and Yellow’s exceptional intelligence to find food, fend off bad weather, and deal with the hazards of the forest. Bruce Davison and Mimi Rogers play Angus’s anxious parents. Borsos’s lovingly crafted, beautifully filmed family adventure was shot on location on B.C.’s Gulf Islands. “A fine movie ... Neither Angus nor his dog is the true protagonist. Rather, the hero is their friendship” (William F. Powers, Washington Post).


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Canada 1979. Dir: Phillip Borsos. 13 min. DCP

Ever wonder how nails are made? Okay, even if you haven’t, this early short by talented Vancouver filmmaker Phillip Borsos is a treat! A lively tribute to the lost art of traditional nail-making, Nails was nominated for an American Oscar and won a Canadian Genie. “Who'd have thought the subject could be so interesting, or so exciting photographically?” (Los Angeles Times).

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Guest in attendance: Peter O'Brian, producer, Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog


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