E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

USA 1982. Dir: Steven Spielberg. 115 min. DCP

“Like a gift from the gods ... E.T. is a superlative piece of popular cinema that positively requires sharing with an audience.” DEREK MALCOLM, THE GUARDIAN

With the fad for ’80s nostalgia at a fever pitch (Stranger Things, IT, Spielberg’s own Ready Player One), why not skip the next new Amblin throwback and just go back to the source! A certifiable classic and cultural phenomenon (not to mention the highest-grossing film of the decade), Steven Spielberg’s generation-defining masterwork remains a moving, magical experience for the ages — for all ages! Ten-year-old Elliot (Henry Thomas) is a lonely, suburban kid in California who one day finds an alien, scared and alone, in his backyard. Deciding to care for the extra-terrestrial orphan, aptly dubbed “E.T.,” Elliot enlists the help of his little sis (Drew Barrymore), big bro (Robert MacNaughton), and BMXing pals to keep the Reese’s Pieces-popping houseguest under wraps and out of the authorities’ hands. Nominated for nine Academy Awards and winner of four, Spielberg’s enchanting film was such a triumph that its most iconic moment became his studio’s logo.

Gen Xers with kids: Rest easy, this is the original, 1982 theatrical version of the film!




"May be the best Disney film Disney never made ... Captivating, endearingly optimistic, and magical."

Variety | full review

"It seems almost confounding that a movie so gentle and sweet-natured, so fully in tune with the innocence and wonder of childhood, could be so universally popular."

Chicago Tribune | full review

"This movie made my heart glad. It is filled with innocence, hope, and good cheer ... E.T. is a movie like The Wizard of Oz, that you can grow up with and grow old with, and it won't let you down."

Roger Ebert | full review

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