Film Club

A matinée film program for children and their families

Free popcorn and “Film Club” badge for ages 13 and under!
Kid-friendly start time: 11:00 am!

Admission: $6 - Ages 13 & Under | $10 - Everybody Else
Cinematheque membership not required



Current Showings

To celebrate Charlie Chaplin’s 130th birthday this year, Film Club presents a special Father’s Day screening of Chaplin’s sublime feature-length debut!

Recent Screenings

Niki Caro's heartwarming film tells the poignant tale of a young Maori girl and her battle to become her tribe's future leader.
CUARÓN FOR KIDS! Of the now ten (!) movies in the ever-expanding Potter-verse, Prisoner of Azkaban is wands down our favourite!
CUARÓN FOR KIDS! The Mexican auteur's first foray into family entertainment is an extraordinary work of warmth and magic.
Phillip Borsos's captivating boy-and-his-dog survival film is preceded by a lively short about nail making.
Film Club 2019 kicks off — and goes airborne! — with anime titan Hayao Miyazaki’s enchanting and empowering coming-of-age tale.
A beautiful, much-loved but oft-overlooked children’s film from the 1980s directed and produced by celebrated animator Don Bluth.
A held-dear classic for kids of a certain era, this animated version of Peter S. Beagle’s fantasy novel brims with emotionally resonant storytelling.
The first full-length outing for the Plasticine pair is a marvel of stop-motion animation.
A certifiable classic and cultural phenomenon, Spielberg’s generation-defining masterwork remains a moving, magical experience for the ages.
SUMMER WITH TATI! Sylvain Chomet’s follow-up to the irresistible Triplets of Belleville is another triumph of glorious hand-drawn animation.
SUMMER WITH TATI! This English-language version of Tati’s comedy classic has accident-prone Monsieur Hulot tangling with modern life.