Film Club

A matinée film program for children and their families

Free popcorn and “Film Club” badge for ages 13 and under!
Kid-friendly start time: 11:00 am!

Admission: $6 - Ages 13 & Under | $10 - Everybody Else
Cinematheque membership not required



Current Showings

This family classic about a resourceful little porker hasn’t lost an ounce of its wit, charm, or relevance in the decades since its release.
Mad Max mastermind George Miller steered the Babe series into gloriously nutty, left-field territory with this ingenious sequel to the 1995 sleeper hit.

Recent Screenings

Film Club and Vancouver Maritime Museum present this poignant, tender coming-of-age drama from Japan's beloved Studio Ghibli.
Dave Eggers and Spike Jonze proved to be a formidable writer-director duo with this artful adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s indelible book.
“I yam what I yam!” Popeye’s warts-and-all catchphrase could easily apply to this totally bonkers, obsessively watchable Altman movie!
Eternal-kid Wes Anderson’s stop-motion stunner, an adaptation of the book by Roald Dahl, is a marvel of visual wonderment and whimsy.