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My Name is Julia Ross

USA 1945. Dir: Joseph H. Lewis. 65 min. 35mm

“She went to sleep as a secretary ... and woke up a madman’s ‘bride!’” B-movie stylist Joseph H. Lewis (Gun Crazy, The Big Combo) made his first foray into film noir with this tense, fast-paced thriller (remade by Arthur Penn in 1987 as Dead of Winter). Nina Foch is hard-up heroine Julia Ross, hired as live-in secretary to a wealthy English matron (Dame May Whitty). Days later, waking up out of a drugged sleep and finding herself in a remote Cornish mansion, Julia is told that her name is actually Marion and she’s the mentally-ill wife of the matron’s creepy son Ralph (George Macready). “A small, dark gem in the Rebecca tradition ... Lewis repeatedly displays his ability to convey mood and meaning through visuals” (Geoff Andrew, Time Out).


"Remarkable ... Only 65 minutes long and dripping with low-budget resourcefulness."

Jonathan Rosenbaum | full review