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6:00 pm - Reception & Entertainment
7:00 pm - Out of the Past with Introduction
9:00 pm - Criss Cross

“Sometimes, chum, you go soft-headed. I'd like to see any blonde do that to me.” There are blonde dames and soft-headed saps galore in The Cinematheque’s annual season of Film Noir, a celebration of one of the American cinema’s richest and most creative (and most jaded and cynical) periods. Join us for three sizzling weeks of crime, corruption, greed, cruelty, and despair; of dark city streets, double-crossing broads, doomed anti-heroes, cold-blooded killers, and two-bit heels — all served up with lavish helpings of menacing Expressionist style and marvelous hard-boiled dialogue. This year’s lineup — ten torrid titles from noir’s 1940s/1950s heyday — includes greatest hits, rarely-revived treasures, and a trio of RKO classics (Out of the Past, Crossfire, and Macao) long out of commission in Canada (due to rights issues). And, in this year’s Noir Sidebar, we spotlight the perhaps-surprising connections between this most influential of American film styles and the moody, angst-ridden cinema of Swedish maestro (and noir fan) Ingmar Bergman.

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Film Noir Triple Bills!
August 5 & 6

Triple Bill Price: $24 Adults / $22 Students & Seniors
Regular single and double bill prices otherwise in effect.
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Recent Showings

Jacques Tourneur’s hallucinatory, haunting Out of the Past ranks as one of noir’s seminal works.
This moody, fatalistic urban nightmare comes from noir stalwart and stylist Robert Siodmak, one of the key contributors to noir’s aesthetic.
Directed by Hollywood maverick and auteurist favourite Nick Ray, In a Lonely Place features Humphrey Bogart in perhaps his finest performance.
Humphrey Bogart plays a war hero investigating the disappearance of an army buddy in John Cromwell’s complexly plotted and claustrophobic noir thriller.
Hollywood’s first version of James M. Cain’s torrid novel is one of the quintessential examples of amour fou turned murderous in the noir universe.
B-movie stylist Joseph H. Lewis made his first foray into film noir with this tense, fast-paced thriller.
Fred MacMurray revisits Double Indemnity and Kim Novak has her first credited role in this first-rate, finely acted noir suspense drama.
Hitchcock’s 1951 classic is a nifty, nasty noir thriller based on a Patricia Highsmith novel, with a screenplay co-credited to Raymond Chandler.
Noir icons Robert Mitchum, Robert Ryan, and Gloria Grahame headline Edward Dmytryk’s Oscar-nominated noir thriller.
Mixed-up identities, shifting alliances, jealous dames, and murderous gangsters propel the plot of this steamy, ultra-stylish noir thriller.