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Gun Crazy

(aka Deadly is the Female)
USA 1949. Dir: Joseph H. Lewis. 86 min. DCP

A much-loved film noir classic, Joseph H. Lewis's legendary B-movie, made for Poverty Row studio Monogram Pictures, is a manic tour-de-force of technique and deadly eroticism. John Dall, as a gun-obsessed sap, and Peggy Cummins, as a predatory femme fatale, play the film’s pistol-packing doomed-couple-on-the-run. Admired by the French Surrealists and by the young guns of the French New Wave (it was an inspiration for Godard’s Breathless), and an important ancestor of “fugitive couple” films such as Bonnie and Clyde, Badlands, and Natural Born Killers, this off-beat, original, and utterly stylish work now stands as both cult-movie masterpiece and American cinema landmark.

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Shaun Inouye, The Cinematheque's Programming Associate, will introduce the screening of Gun Crazy on Thursday, August 10 at 8:10pm.


"One of the most distinguished works of art to emerge from the B movie swamp."

Chicago Reader | full review

★★★★★ "Turns pulp into pure gold ... A perfectly formed black-and-white masterpiece of flash and trash, unwholesome obsession and criminal daring."

The Guardian | full review

"A strikingly modern, complex, disturbing, and yet sad, touching, and romantic film."

The New Yorker | full review