Program 3 - EU Short Films for Kids


This program of kid-friendly shorts is divided into two parts. Part I is suitable for children of all ages. Part II is not recommended for children under the age of nine.


The Mole as a Painter | It’s amazing what a little paint will do to scare away the bad guys! Czech Republic 1972. 10 min.

Berry & Dolly: The Rainbow | Berry gets a very special birthday gift from Dolly and friends. Hungary 2017. 5 min.

The Red Herring | Penguins love fish, but sometimes they’re hard to catch. Finland 2017. 6 min.

The Warsaw Mermaid | A magical animated tale of how a mermaid helped a small fishing village grow into big city Warsaw. Poland 2016. 13 min.

The Cockroach and the Sea | They say the cockroach can survive in any environment. It just might be true. Belgium 2016. 6 min.

Berry & Dolly: The Kite | When Berry, Dolly, and their pals decide to fly a kite, the kite is soon flying them. Hungary 2017. 5 min.

Singing Hugo and His Incredible Adventures | Hugo the chicken loves to sing, but sometimes that gets him in trouble... Latvia 2017. 9 min.

Duration: 54 min.


— intermission (10 min.) —



The Mouse | Liv has a crush on Mike. The feeling is mutual. Mike gives her a gift, which she treasures until she thinks Mike doesn’t like her anymore and gets angry. Denmark 2008. 13 min.

The Song of Innocence | Mom and daughter seagull have fun flying together, but sometimes the going gets tough. Romania 2018. 9 min.

Out Fishing | Cats love to catch fish, but sometimes it’s harder than it looks... Sweden 2017. 9 min.

Ana, a Palindrome | Ana finds out that sometimes the past and the present can overlap in surprising ways. Portugal 2013. 5 min.

Duration: 36 min.

Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 1:30pm on Saturday, May 25. For more information, call 604.688.8202.