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Portugal/Spain 2016. Dirs: Gonçalo Galvão Teles, Luís Galvão Teles. 105 min. Blu-ray Disc

VANCOUVER PREMIERE | Spanish actress Ivana Baquero, the transfixing 12-year-old star of Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, returns to the realm of fantasy in Gelo, Portuguese father/son duo Gonçalo and Luís Galvão Teles’s heady debut. “Born from the DNA of a frozen ice-age corpse, Catarina (Baquero) grows up incarcerated in an isolated palace, subject to experiments on human immortality conducted by the FUTURE LIFE corporation. A film student named Joana (also Baquero) falls madly in love with Miguel (Cats Don’t Have Vertigo’s Afonso Pimentel), an ice-obsessed classmate, only to see him tragically ripped from her hands during an initiatic journey to a snowy mountaintop. What can possibly unite Joana and Catarina? How many lives are there in one life? Is the end only the beginning of something else?” (Cineuropa). In Portuguese and Spanish with English subtitles.