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(Pelnu sanatorija)
Latvia/Lithuania 2016. Dir: Dāvis Sīmanis Jr. 100 min. DCP

VANCOUVER PREMIERE | Based on historical events that befell Courland, Latvia, at the end of WWI, Exiled is the high-profile, fiction-feature debut of Latvian filmmaker Dāvis Sīmanis Jr., known for his visually-evocative documentaries. “In the final year of WWI, an exhausted German army surgeon (Downfall’s Ulrich Matthes) is sent to inspect a remote convalescent home for shell-shocked patients. There, he encounters a strange world at odds with his cold, rational mind. His fruitless efforts to change the place and an unexpected attachment to a mysterious, savage boy from the surrounding woods lead Ulrich on a path to self-discovery. But soon, this sanctuary will have to make its last stand against the encroaching madness of war” (Moscow I.F.F.). In Latvian and German with English subtitles.