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Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest

(Kuun metsän Kaisa)
Finland 2016. Dir: Katja Gauriloff. 84 min. DCP

VANCOUVER PREMIERE | Sámi filmmaker Katja Gauriloff’s sublime documentary, “set in the interface of truth and fiction,” spins an enchanting tale. In 1935, the young Swiss writer Robert Crottet, suffering from TB, began having vivid dreams that compelled him to travel to remote Lapland. There, he encountered the matriarchal Kaisa, a legendary storyteller and seer of the Skolt Sámi community. Their friendship led to Crottet’s book Enchanted Forest — and, when World War II began displacing the Sámi, his international campaign on behalf of Scandinavia’s indigenous peoples. Director Gauriloff, Kaisa’s great-granddaughter, makes poetic use of remarkable archival footage (shot by Crottet and a companion) and beautiful animation to tell a nearly-lost story about a nearly-lost culture. “Delightful and distinctive ...Enchanting is indeed the operative word for Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest” (Dennis Harvey, Vareity). In Skolt Sámi, French, and Finnish with English subtitles.


Please note: A screening of Kaisa's Enchanted Forest has been added on Sunday, November 27 at 4:00pm. This replaces a screening of Lithuania's film, Santa, which due to unforeseen circumstances, will no longer screen.