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All the Best

(Sve najbolje)
Croatia 2016. Dir: Snježana Tribuson. 102 min. DCP

“A Christmas tale with singing and poisoning.” That’s the cheeky tagline for this award-winning festival favourite from seasoned Croatian writer-director Snježana Tribuson, co-creator of the successful, long-running domestic sitcom Take a Rest, You Deserve It (Odmori se, zaslužio si). “Pastry-shop worker Verica and opera singers Brankica and Martin are the protagonists of this story about loneliness and the search for love, set during the Christmas holidays. An accidental series of events, which include cockroaches, gingerbread cookies, and an opera aria, will entwine their destinies and resolve seemingly unsolvable situations” (Croatian Audiovisual Centre). In Croatian with English subtitles.