21st Annual European Union Film Festival


EUROPE WITHOUT THE JETLAG! The Cinematheque’s annual celebration of new cinema from the European Union is proudly presented with the Vancouver consulates and the Ottawa embassies of the member states of the European Union and the Delegation of the European Union to Canada. This year’s festival showcases entries from 26 EU members.

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Acknowledgements: For assistance in making Vancouver’s European Union Film Festival possible, The Cinematheque is grateful to Diodora Bucur, Press Officer, Delegation of the European Union to Canada (Ottawa); Tom McSorley, Executive Director, Canadian Film Institute (Ottawa); and the Embassies and Consulates of all European Union member states. For its kind support in organizing this year’s festival celebration during the current Austrian presidency of the European Union, we are grateful to the Consulate General of Austria in Vancouver.

Program subject to change

Please note: Due to circumstances out of our control, The Nagano Tapes: Rewound, Replayed & Reviewed (Czech Republic) will unfortunately no longer screen.


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Recent Showings

AUSTRIA • This sumptuous, sensuous historical drama tells the extraordinary story of an unusual musical prodigy in late-18th-century Vienna.
MALTA • London filmmaker Miranda Bowen’s first feature is a stylish psychological thriller set on titular Gozo, Malta’s second-largest island.
ROMANIA • Serge Ioan Celebidachi’s beautifully wrought drama is a nostalgic tale of lost love and lost causes recalling Bergman’s Wild Strawberries.
HUNGARY • The latest from preeminent Hungarian filmmaker Márta Mészáros is a superbly acted, beautifully shot drama set in two time periods.
FRANCE • French writer-director Olivier Peyon returns to the difficult subject of child abduction in this affecting, immersive transcontinental drama.
NETHERLANDS • The agony of losing a child is handled with sensitivity and formal sophistication in Paula van der Oest’s impressionistic drama.
BELGIUM • With visual panache and surprise tonal shifts, Belgian director Robin Pront crafts a taught, twisting tale of criminal life and fraternal dysfunction.
ESTONIA • This compelling political documentary focuses on the chaos that surrounded Estonia's first free election since WWII.
PORTUGAL • Writer-director Nuno Rocha's fantastical, crowd-pleasing family comedy was a box-office smash in its native Portugal.
FINLAND • A trio of women face life's Big Questions over the holidays in writer-director Inari Niemi’s female-centred relationship comedy.
SPAIN • Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz's debut feature is a hilarious screwball comedy that presents a fresh perspective on female empowerment.
LITHUANIA • Vitas Luckus, a major photographic artist nearly lost to the dustbin of history, is profiled in this award-winning documentary.
CYPRUS • The idiosyncrasies of modern Cypriot society are winningly satirized in writer-director Simon Farmakas’s screwball comedy-drama.
GREECE • Greece’s financial crisis is fodder for acerbic satire in seasoned Greek filmmaker Nikos Perakis’s dark ensemble comedy.
CROATIA • Family is a prison in Croatian writer-director Hana Jušić’s stellar debut feature, a delayed-coming-of-age story with feminist potency.
DENMARK • A Danish serviceman and a rising-star ballerina form an unlikely bond in this affecting, slow-burning romantic drama.
SLOVAKIA • Slovakia's lawless borderland in the lead-up to EU accession sets the stage for Peter Bebjak’s brawny, breakneck crime thriller.
ITALY • A band of underemployed academics enter the lucrative designer-drug trade in Salerno-born Sibilia’s crowd-pleasing caper comedy.
SWEDEN • Hjalmar Söderberg’s 1912 novel gets an unabashedly old-school adaptation in this evocative, understated costume drama.
GERMANY • Actress-turned-filmmaker Maria Schrader directs a handsome dramatization of the tragic final years of Austrian writer Stefan Zweig.
IRELAND • Musician-turned-director Nick Kelly brings his rock ‘n’ roll know-how to bear on this poignant tale of friendship and mental health.
LATVIA • Latvian writer-director Aigars Grauba's lavish, big-canvas historical epic was a box-office behemoth in the Baltic state.
POLAND • A longtime heroin addict turns his life around and becomes a world-champion triathlete in director Łukasz Palkowski’s inspiring drama.
LUXEMBOURG • A rebellion by fed-up seniors is comic fodder for director Andy Bausch, foremost native chronicler of Luxembourg's humorous side.
BULGARIA • Our perilous digital age offers provocative subject matter in Bulgaria’s official submission to next year’s Oscars.
SLOVENIA • Economic inequality and the disappearing middle class are the backdrop of writer-director Marko Naberšnik’s social drama.