Watching Women Die Pro-D

Watching Women Die Large ProD

Cinema, since its advent, has always been a pioneering force finding the edges of social boundaries.  But when a medium as powerful as film is constantly pushing the envelope, what does that mean for us as a society?


The degree to which hyper-violence and hyper-sexuality are depicted on screen today is unimaginable to the generations that came before us, as films that were rated X in the 50’s have become PG today.  This workshop aims to look at different cross-sections of violence and gender in the media and the frequent intersection of the two, and pose difficult questions about what its consumption means to us as individuals, communities, and as a culture.  It challenges the participants regarding notions of censorship, and asks in a society built upon free speech, how far is too far?


[Media Literacy Workshop designed by Liz Schulze + Mitchell Stookey]