Status Update


STATUS UPDATE: Critical Creations on Social Media was a youth video arts project that partnered The Cinematheque and a group of alternate high schools in Surrey, BC called the Surrey Learning Centres. Inspired to address many youths’ constant, sometimes compulsive, and often problematic social media use, our team of educators designed curriculum that provided a non-judgmental, open, and expressive space where youth could reflect and critique their own use of social media, create original video artworks, and then share that work with younger peers and their local community.

A key objective of the STATUS UPDATE project was to encourage youth to experiment with different art practices as they created critical moving image works. With the support and mentorship of Cinematheque artists, they created short films, documented social experiments in real life, and built sculptures with stop-motion. We visited four sites over a six-month-long collaboration, with each site finishing their artwork during a week-long intensive. In the following week, youth designed and led presentations at nearby Elementary Schools to teach their younger peers about positive, thoughtful and creative uses of social media. Giving the project a “real-world” launch, the works were then exhibited at The Surrey Arts Centre, giving students a chance to share their ideas with parents, friends, community leaders, and the general public.

The STATUS UPDATE DIGITAL STUDY GUIDE outlines (and in some cases expands upon) our process, and could easily be adapted to fit any timeline or project. We recommend this project for students from Grade 6–12.

N.B. Some videos produced as part of the STATUS UPDATE project contain obscenity and young adult content that honestly depicts online behaviours and language. Viewer discretion and educator previews are strongly advised.


Apps Baby Book


Comic Surgery


Generation Tech

Get Help Before You Get Pushed Too Far

How Do You Present Yourself: The Test

Hypnotizing Trends

Internet Anonymity & Freedom of Speech

It Goes Down in the DMs

Media Made Zombie


Selfie Project

Social Media Addictions & Generations


The Entity

Together We Fall


Untitled (Video Poem)


You Never Know


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