Social Media and the Self


Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. Vine. Facebook. Reddit. Wikipedia. YouTube. Facebook. The lives of today’s youth are deeply intertwined with ever-evolving interactive social media platforms, worrying many parents and educators around the world.


Isolation, addiction, cyber-bullying and tragic suicides have shown us the worst of what’s possible when a youth-led social world develops online. Yet social media have an equally incredible capability to connect us, to inspire creativity, and to allow us to share crucial knowledge around the world.  They have enabled worldwide communities to create immense stores of information, and have connected us with remote individuals and life-changing perspectives.  Examining both the exciting and problematic elements of social media, this workshop encourages young users to reflect upon the ways their brains are changed by regular social media use, and the ways that we use these media to construct identities to fit within others’ expectations.  Interactive activities and discussions support participants in making mindful, conscious decisions about how to navigate their challenging online world.


Learning Objectives:

1.    Understand the physiological changes that occur in the brain as a result of ongoing social media usage.
2.    Discuss and debate the positive and negative impacts of using various social media platforms.
3.    Develop strategies to counteract and cope with the negative elements of social media use and discuss methods to reinforce and encourage the positive elements.


[Media Literacy Workshop designed by Liz Schulze + Hayley Gauvin]