Information Landslide: Changes and Challenges in News Media

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How have the important events of our time been conveyed by North America’s most-watched television news networks?  How are editorial decisions to include or exclude certain perspectives integral to the quality of the overall account?


From war to natural disaster to public scandal, Western audiences are often heavily influenced by the coverage of breaking stories.  In this workshop we will compare and contrast segments from an assortment of leading news programs and popular sources of news review/satire, leading participants through the process of deconstructing images, headlines, language, representation, and other elements of broadcast journalism.  Screenings, discussions, and debates will advance your ability to ascertain bias and detect sensationalism, recognizing how both aspects heavily inform the content and style of each report. Taking your exposure to a variety of newscasts and news critiques, you will be prepared to determine the relevancy of mainstream news media in your own society.


1. Practice analyzing and communicating observations on various elements of televised newscasts.
2. Examine multiple journalistic sources that provide diverse perspectives of the same story.
3. Ascertain the role of mainstream news media in shaping public opinion.

[Media Literacy Workshops designed by Liz Schulze, Mitchell Stookey + Wendy Chen]