Food Marketing: A Flash in the Pan


We live in a food culture.  From pop-up restaurants and food trucks to fast-food movie tie-ins and kid-friendly packaging, we’re inundated with creative and ever-changing choices for how to fulfill our dietary needs.  But what else are we consuming along with our food?

Uncover the amazing, inventive, and sometimes revolting ways that food is marketed to us, and learn how to dig beneath the surface to understand what’s really inside that glossy food packaging.  Examining advertising strategies from the straightforward to the abstract, participants will learn why we fill our carts and our stomachs with food we know we shouldn’t eat, and how we can make healthier choices by being informed.

Learning Objectives:

1.    Discover strategies used in food marketing, including packaging, placement and advertising.
2.    Develop an ability to analyze and deconstruct food advertising messages and to think critically about the truth of marketing claims.
3.    Better understand the complexity of food ethics in the fast-food and factory farming sectors, discovering how food manufacturers craft their brands and reputations.

[Media Literacy Workshop designed by Liz Schulze]