Creativity, Meet Conglomerate


Our 21st century lifestyles involve spending a great deal of time with various kinds of media –  from the silver screen, to mobile electronics and even old-fashioned paperbacks. Yet how much do we really know about the political and economic structures under which popular culture is produced?


Presently, half a dozen multi-media conglomerates own and control thousands of television stations, cable services, Internet providers, websites, film studios, music labels, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and book publishing houses. Media companies are being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, while most of us remain unaware of exactly where the power is held. This workshop reveals scores of unexpected corporate relationships, presenting information which is not often made apparent to the public.  Participants will learn to identify the major conglomerates and their vast array of holdings, develop insight about how marketing decisions are made within these business models, and consider conflicting interests between news and entertainment outlets. This workshop invites participants to grapple with the ways in which these very ownership structures directly affect our media and our culture.

1. Access information about the six largest media conglomerates and their various holdings.
2.  Create cross-platform marketing campaigns in order to explore the relationship between seemingly unrelated media companies.
3.  Consider the consequences of having news and entertainment outlets under the same ownership.

[Media Literacy Workshops designed by Liz Schulze, Mitchell Stookey + Wendy Chen]