Consciousness in Consumer Society



This workshop engages participants in key explorations about the hyper-consumer environment we all inhabit. What part does the media play in influencing perceptions of ourselves, each other, and the world around us?


Reexamine your routine response to media saturation and visual bombardment in this workshop filled with with games, experiments, screenings, and activities. Discover the aggressive and sophisticated strategies employed by advertisers and media-makers to compete for your attention, and delve into the impacts of portraying excessive amounts of violence, sexuality, stereotypes, and product placement in the media. This fun, introductory workshop is great for all ages, and helps participants increase their criticality and literacy skills in the realm of media.

1. Decipher and comprehend the visual language of media in different forms and within a range of content.
2. Reflect and respond critically to a fast-paced, information-overloaded, consumer society.
3. Develop a new perspective on the significance of living in a media-saturated landscape.

[Media Literacy Workshop designed by Liz Schulze, Mitchell Stookey + Wendy Chen]
[title image used under Creative Commons licence courtesy of HikingArtist, via Wikimedia Commons. The image has not been modified]