Civic Engagement in the Digital Age Pro-D

Civic Engagement Large ProD

In the digital age, young people are growing up immersed in a universe of blogs, wikis, podcasts, forums, and all sorts of innovative online tools. The ability to communicate and connect instantaneously with each other is a privilege that is largely taken for granted. However, there is immense potential in using traditional and new media technologies to create positive change in local and global communities.


Join us as we put forward the possibilities for exercising one’s public voice, and the options for self-expression of personal stories or the advocacy of social and political issues. Debate the strengths and weaknesses of video campaigns from New York to Israel. Start your own campaign aimed at raising awareness on a particular subject, defining and reaching appropriate networks, and organizing collective action. How can we appreciate the unprecedented power and ease with which we can educate our peers and the wider public, while using this power responsibly? Ultimately, what is the importance of civic engagement through film and media?

[Media Literacy Workshop designed by Wendy Chen, Liz Schulze + Mitchell Stookey]