The Vampire Bat

USA 1933. Dir: Frank R. Strayer. 65 min. DCP

Vampirism is suspected when residents of a picturesque German village start showing up dead and drained of blood in this stylish, spooky horror thriller made by the unusually ambitious Poverty Row studio Majestic Pictures (whose audacious The Sin of Nora Moran also screens in this series). Shot on sets left over from Universal’s Frankenstein and The Old Dark House, the film features a cast of notable 1930s Hollywood (and 1930s horror) talent, including Lionel Atwill as a mad doctor, Melvyn Douglas as a police inspector, Fay Wray (King Kong) as the scream-queen love interest, and Dwight Frye as the creepy town fool. “It's foolish fun, mercifully brief, and probably the best-remembered film from the prolific Frank Strayer, auteur of umpteen Blondie movies for Columbia. UCLA’s restoration recreates the sensational Gustav Brock color sequence, unacknowledged and unseen since first run” (UCLA).

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