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Strange Illusion

USA 1945. Dir: Edgar G. Ulmer. 87 min. DCP

Detour director Edgar G. Ulmer’s Freudian film noir is an hallucinatory version of Hamlet set partly in an L.A. asylum. Its Oedipal tale has a wealthy college student (James Lydon) haunted by disturbing dreams about his prominent father’s recent death and the slimy suitor (Warren William) now wooing his widowed mother (Sally Eilers). Ulmer’s characteristically stylish movie, unfolding in shadowy black-and-white images, was made, quickly, for the ultra-low-rent Producers Releasing Corporation. (His VD drama Damaged Lives also screens in this series.) “Ulmer made several films for PRC, a film studio at the bottom of the Poverty Row heap, it was so cheap. Nevertheless, Ulmer always got stellar performances from his cast, while utilizing the camera to aesthetic effect... [He creates] a sense of delirium throughout the story” (UCLA).

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