Portugal/France/Brazil 2018. Dirs: Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt. 92 min. DCP

“Wildly entertaining ... A frothy and infectiously sweet film that bubbles with the madness of the modern world.”

Diamantino pulls off a rare and delightful feat. It is imaginatively strange, but has a heart big enough to make sense of the insensible.”

One of the wackiest, wonkiest, and most inspired debut features in recent memory, Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt’s delightfully deranged satire of modern-day Europe won the Grand Prix at Cannes’ Critics’ Week, with good reason. The candy-coated genre mashup, a 2018 festival favourite, centres on Portuguese soccer superstar Diamantino (Carloto Cotta), a loveable, dimwitted daddy’s boy who attributes his athletic genius to seeing dinosaur-sized “fluffy puppies” on the pitch. When he learns of Europe's refugee crisis, the colossally cute canines disappear and his footie career crumbles; he decides to adopt an orphaned “fugee” boy, who’s actually a Secret Service spy (and an adult woman) investigating Diamantino for money laundering! To reveal much more would do a disservice to the ludicrous inner logic of this silly-veiled smart movie — but trust, by closing credits, Brexit-like EU separatism, sci-fi experimentation, and breasts will have played prominent parts. “The freshest blast of gonzo comic energy at this year’s Cannes” (Guy Lodge, Variety).



“Part political satire, part fantasy, part I-don’t-even-know-what, Diamantino is exactly the type of surreal concoction that begs to be discovered by unsuspecting audiences.”

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“Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt rustle up one of the year's most singular debuts with this winningly bizarre, genre-melding political satire.”

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“It’s an utter delight to see that theoretical academic musings on gender, love, sexuality and politics can be packaged and reflected upon in such a jocular and constantly entertaining way.”

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