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Iran 2016. Dir: Reza Dormishian. 115 min. DCP

A female social activist and journalist who opposes eye-for-an-eye justice is viciously attacked with acid by a would-be suitor from a criminal gang in this stylistically bold, breathlessly paced, and highly troubling social drama from writer-director Reza Dormishian, whose I’m Not Angry! screened in this series in September. Maryam Palizban, Navid Mohammadzadeh, and Baran Kosari head the cast. “Unreeling with near-cyclonic force in nonlinear style, Lantouri marks another ambitious examination of the churning frustrations of Iran’s disenfranchised younger generation from Dormishian ... A must-see for those wanting to take the pulse of what’s happening in Iran” (Alissa Simon, Variety). “Profoundly shocking ... One of the most original, outspoken voices in young Iranian cinema, Dormishian raises the stakes in Lantouri” (Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter).