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Iran 2017. Dir: Shahram Mokri. 102 min. DCP

The hallucinatory and high-concept third feature of Shahram Mokri (Fish & Cat, VIFF 2014) experiments with genre, time, and long-take sequence shots as it sets a dystopian mystery-drama against a strange athletic contest played in a disease-ravaged society. “Eternal darkness seems to shroud the stadium where men with bizarre tattoos pursue a sport that is never shown or named. A body has been found here, and the police have already identified a guilty party. Now the circumstances of the crime are to be reconstructed ... The disquieting feeling that time is dissolving, that past, present, and future are becoming one, and that history has been halted is likely to strike a chord with how many young Iranians feel about their lives. Mokri’s intimate drama ominously interweaves place, space, and time in the stadium’s labyrinthine corridors to form a dark allegory” (Berlin IFF).